I’ve been in in the health industry 27 years now, right from my first job as an assistant in a local Wholefoods close to where I was living in Vancouver.

Over those years I’ve tried and tested hundreds of supplements, from the practical to the downright whacky. Now at the ripe old age of 51, I’ve reached a kind of middle way when it comes to helping the body find equilibrium. And that means plant-based wholefood supplements, usually the basis of the food I eat.

Wahl Protocol

So my Diet is largely based on the awesome work done by Terry Wahl, an MS sufferer who has achieved full remission without drugs by her amazing diet. It’s based on a zero grain, high fat, near paleo diet emphasising a hell of a lot of different coloured veggies, organ meats, seaweeds. And she does E-Stim, and saunas as well.

Oh and she loves algae! As well as eating around 1 teaspoon of mixed seaweed per day, I also ingest chlorella, and a wonderful phytoplankton supplement from Plankton for Health here.

I am also finding that Health Factory Nano Magnesium allows me a great deal of relief.